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Ovarian reactivation through Platelet Rich Plasma

Ovarian reactivation through Platelet Rich Plasma

A low ovarian reserve is usually the cause of female infertility. In assisted reproduction, ovarian failure is an important determining factor for the success of the treatment, and normally leads to obtaining a smaller number of ovules and the need for several cycles of stimulation.

How does an embryo transfer work?

This is one of the key moments of any reproduction treatment that requires fertilization in the laboratory.

"You are in good hands with iGin"

Our experience with iGin has been excellent. With their help, we have been able to make our dream come true and we are immensely grateful for it.

Spain: preferred egg donation destination for international patients

According to a study carried our by the Egg Donation Friends website, Spain is by far the country of reference for international patients who choose to undergo egg donation treatment abroad.

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